10 Ideas to use wallpaper attractively at home

Usually when it comes to home decor and choosing the most appropriate design, the tastes and ideas that you can implement differ, there are those who want simple designs, or classic designs, and one of the most important elements of decor that increases the aesthetics of the place is the interest in wall decorations, and many decorations have appeared recently. And attractive wallpaper to suit different tastes and places in the home and we will talk about it in today’s article! Learn ways and how to use wallpaper in home decorations in an unusual way.

Decorating wallpaper for homes in unusual ways


The use of home wallpaper decorations is one of the best and fastest ways that can be used to renew the decor of your home or room, as there are unlimited options that will put you at a loss about the selection process, because there are many types of wallpaper, you will definitely find the most suitable for you, and what is compatible with To your taste and material cost, here are a bunch of funky ideas for using wallpaper in the home:

Use wallpaper as a background for the bed in the bedroom


If you want the bed wallpaper in your bedroom, but you are not able to get it due to its high cost, you can resort to using wallpaper for the bedrooms, by choosing what is in harmony and in harmony with the style and colors of the room decor and get a wonderful bed background, when installing the wallpaper on the wall Make sure the distance is equal to or a little more than the width of the bed and twice that long, or you can cover an entire wall.

An alternative to artboards


You can replace the artistic paintings with wallpaper embossed with the shapes of roses and flowers, for example, all you have to do to get a new painting in your home is to choose the appropriate patterns of wallpaper in the form of a square or rectangle, then choose the most suitable place for it in the house and install a distinctive frame around it To look like a very beautiful painting. It is worth noting here that choosing 3D wallpaper is one of the best options for obtaining a painting, but its price differs from the prices of traditional wallpaper.


One of the great ideas for using wallpaper is also to hang it in the form of pictures distributed on the wall, this is done by cutting 12 pieces of wallpaper, for example, with different but homogeneous colors, prints and patterns, and for these pieces to be in the form of equal squares, and finally you frame them And hang it on the walls to look exactly like the pictures!

Decorate the shelves


One of the unconventional uses of wallpaper is also used to decorate the background of the home shelves, such as installing wallpaper on the background of the glass cabinet in which you put kitchen utensils, or using it to decorate the background of the bookshelves in the living room, for example.

Decorate the coffee table in your home


The coffee table in the living room can be touched by an elegant touch of wallpaper as well. This is done in simple steps, which is to paste it on the table top and place a transparent glass sheet over it to reflect the beauty of the color and graphics of the paper that you have chosen, and through this method, you will be able to change the paper in Every time you felt bored or wanting to change from around you.

Cupboard door packaging


Using simple tricks, the wardrobe will look more striking, as it will add an atmosphere of vitality and change to the general atmosphere in the room. in your room.

Use wallpaper to hide flaws


In the event that cracks appear in the walls of the house, or are exposed to some unintended scratches, you can use one of the types of wallpaper to camouflage, and hide defects that may appear effortlessly.

Decorate the stairs at home


As shown in the picture above, you can decorate the stairs using colored wallpaper, and this idea will be more vibrant and bold if you choose vibrant colors and various patterns, that will give this corner a unique aesthetic.

Wallpaper in the kitchen


The use of wallpaper in the kitchen is an alternative to the use of colored tiles on one of the kitchen walls, and it is also a suitable choice when you want to change and alter the colors or decor of the kitchen, and installing new kitchen wallpaper is easier and faster than changing tiles. When choosing kitchen wallpaper, make sure that it is waterproof.

Covering the ceiling with wallpaper

Yes, you do not like that, you can use wallpaper as one of the ideas for decorating the ceilings in your home, it may look great if you installed wallpaper designed in the colors of the sky or stars and outside space, this will give a feeling of the spaciousness of the space and the height of the ceilings. When using wallpaper on the ceilings, you must pay special attention to ensuring that the wall colors are neutral and devoid of patterns, to obtain an elegant and harmonious harmonious decor.

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