10 interior design mistakes you should avoid

Simple mistakes that may make your design very uncomfortable, and as a person who does not know much about design, you may miss these mistakes or not pay attention to them before the ax falls into the head and make such mistakes in the interior design of your home or apartment, we will give you a complete guide about some errors in the design rules Common interiors, you can recognize and avoid them before they happen, and if you have some home design mistakes, our list may help you learn ways to fix them and make your home better than it was before.

10 interior design mistakes you should avoid

The lack of a design scheme

Having an imaginary previous image in your mind lets you know more about what your design will be like in the future


There is no battle that its leader fought and succeeded without a prior plan, and no human has reached his destination without a map to infer through it, and you have to look at your home interior design as well, a successful interior design needs a professional design plan before building it, and you do not need a complete outline of specifications, Where some guidelines and paintings expressing your project and the main measurements of your room and main spaces with various pieces of furniture will suffice.


If you live in a house and you are re-designing and repairing the interior, you should evaluate all the elements and pieces in your home, and what new pieces you need, in general we can say that a successful interior design for your home and a successful plan needs these elements:


Evaluate the current state of the design.

Create an image and future impression of your desired design.

Create an appropriate home budget.

Planning all the elements and their measurements, and searching for those design elements in the market.

Make sure you find all the parts for your home within the right budget.


The second error follows the first error, so follow up with us to get to know it.

Bad budgeting

You should first consider your budget when designing your home


The budget is one of the main pillars for the success of any project, if it is not set according to proper study and careful attention, then you will overdo a lot of things that your design does not need, you must start by determining the amount of money that you can spend on your interior design, and then distribute this budget to everything you need To get your new décor, and if your budget is somewhat comfortable, you can hire a special designer to avoid all mistakes that may occur, and it is important to leave the budget for emergencies separately.

Not having a focal point for the design


When you recognize the most important mistakes in interior design, the rules of interior design are very clear, which is the presence of a focal point in the design of your room, i.e. a prominent visual element, that draws the attention of the viewer or interior to that room, which is the most important design characteristic, and this focal point in the design can be formed using One piece of furniture, or a bright wall color separated from others, or by distinct artwork.

Chaos in design


No matter what wonderful pieces of furniture you have, or distinctive design plans, when your design is filled with many elements, and it is overcome by chaos instead of the artistic aesthetic, this will make everything you own look bad, and to get rid of clutter in the design, you should start by reducing the elements and only put what you want It is essential in designing your home.

Choose the wrong carpet

Home design carpet


Most people choose the carpet of the house as the last thing, but it is actually an important basic element that you must choose before choosing the furniture, as the carpet may define a specific area in your room or help to separate the spaces from each other, it is also important to choose the appropriate size carpet for your design, for example the carpet In the dining room, you must allow everyone to withdraw chairs from the dining table without touching the ground, and the carpet in the salon must accommodate all the existing sofa pieces, and the carpet in the bedroom must extend a comfortable enough distance to walk around the bed and its sides.

Using the wrong interior design lighting

Dim lighting is never comfortable to see and may lead to accidents such as falling off the top of stairs in the house or tripping over a piece of furniture.


Many may ignore the lighting in the house when starting to design the rooms, and the last thing that is designed is lighting, some may choose dim lighting unintentionally or illuminate exaggeratedly on the area in which the lighting will be placed, it is not complicated, you have to put comfortable and good lighting in each room And choose the lighting at different levels, where it is a combination of overhead lamps, wall lighting and floor lighting, and you must study its distribution well, as the lighting of each room allows you to move around safely, and do all your activities such as reading, cooking or cleaning, and you can also use the lighting to show an artistic element In your home.

Sticking furniture to the wall


If you stick the furniture too close to the wall, your room will appear smaller, and this may leave you with large empty spaces between different pieces of furniture, so to achieve the correct spacing between the furniture pieces, you must study each piece and its correct location while avoiding placing it on the wall. Unless it is a wall piece, library or shelves.

Choosing an inappropriate size for the furniture


You have to choose the correct size of the furniture, so do not buy furniture that is larger or smaller than the size of the room, as many people make this mistake, if they own a large house, they decide to buy large-sized furniture, and if their house is small, they choose small furniture, and the correct one when choosing the size of the furniture It is the balance and harmony between small and large furniture to create balance and harmony between all elements of the room.


For example, if you choose a chair with a long height and a large size in addition to a small and low table, this will cause a defect in the design of the interior of the room.

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