4 common mistakes when redecorating your home

4 common mistakes when redecorating your home

It is imperative to make some adjustments to the designs of the home decorations, and this is either completely or through the renewal of certain parts of it, some of them need to be completely renewed, and others may require adding some elegant and modern touches so that the spirit of renewal is breathed into it, but when you make a decision Renewal and change of decor, you may be exposed to some problems and obstacles that affect the progress of work despite your study of the smallest details before starting, and that effect is either by increasing the implementation time or increasing the material cost than what was expected or planned, and for the sake of us in the Bayut blog, we will put in your hands in this The article is a collection of the mistakes that you can make while redecorating your home, and ways to avoid them easily and quickly.

Common mistakes in home remodeling


Before starting to renovate the designs of home decorations, you will certainly study the mechanism of workflow and the aspects that will include the work, but as we mentioned above, and despite your study of the smallest details, some mistakes must be made, here we will explain these errors and how to avoid them.

Unsteadiness of one opinion


You can choose the colors of painting the walls and buy curtains and room carpets based on the consistency with the color of the walls, but when you paint the wall in the color that you have chosen, you may not really like it and change your mind and choose a new color, this change in the middle of a redesign project may cost you huge sums Of the money because you will change the rest of the furniture colors to keep the design color consistent.


Changing what you do not like may be good because it will not cause you to regret for long periods of time until you change again, but the change must happen at the beginning of the matter and before you build decisions and buy furniture in specific shapes and colors.


Therefore, be careful not to change in the middle of the project, and you also have to make sure that all employees are fully aware and clear of what they will do, and that you have explained sufficient and clear to them so that the work will be carried out as you wish it and the same image that you drew in your imagination.


To avoid this, you must research and plan well before starting the process of designing your home decor, so do a good research and planning for all aspects of the renovation, materials used, colors and dimensions, and there is no objection to consulting a decor office or those with experience through one of the methods and means available to you.

Decision made for an abrupt expansion of renovation


When you renovate one part of the house or re-design a specific decor in it, this will draw attention to how old the remaining parts are, hence the beginning of the idea to the expansion of the renovation work in one go.


For example, if your decision to renovate the old kitchen is to change the kitchen floor only, but when you change it, you may want to change the walls and then change the cabinets and so on until you change all parts of the kitchen without planning in advance for that.


But before expanding in this ill-considered way, you should know that increasing the renewal means an increase in the budget and the time that it takes to finish the work, at first it may be a wonderful thoughtful renewal, and a sudden expansion is enough to make the idea bad and impractical.


It is worth noting in this regard that dividing the design work into parts may be less saving than doing all the work at the same time if you are not obliged to do all the work at the same time.


Therefore, make sure that the renewal matters remain within the scope of the plan that you drew, and do not neglect to review your budget constantly so as not to impose on yourself new financial costs, especially since the cost is expected to increase by a small amount than you planned.


When making the decision to renovate the design, you must have drawn an image in your mind of the new look, but in the event that this idea that you saw in a decor magazine or with a friend, cannot be replicated in your home, you will be disappointed with the renovation process. Or it may require drastic changes and the process will take more time and cost.


You can avoid this problem if you discuss the design that you want to implement with an interior designer to reach a suitable design for the space and shape of your home, in addition to the importance of understanding that every home is different from the other, your home should not be a place for display or a photography area, it should only be in the best His cases.

A problem occurs with the contractor


When working with external parties, some problems in implementation that are caused by delay in implementation or poor implementation must occur, so the results are not in the required quality, and you may also face some difficulties in communicating with the work contractor.


In order to avoid these problems during the redesign of the home, it is imperative to communicate with the contractor or implementers on a daily and continuous basis, to ensure that the work is proceeding at an appropriate pace and with the high quality that you desire.


Discussing and solving problems quickly would solve the problem without aggravating it, so you must maintain a daily channel of communication with the contractor from the start.

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