Beautiful Retreat Design with Traditional Interiors Decoration and Natural Scenery

Here you will find a resort that gives perfect peace. Beautiful retreat design located on the banks of the river in one of the green city that is Itaipava, Brazil. Beautiful retreat this design is the work of the Rocks Architects. This is a beautiful retreat design is a dream of many people. Here you will be spoiled by the appearance of a traditional-looking retreat architecture like ordinary houses. But make no mistake about you, all your needs will be met as well in this beautiful retreat design. The exterior appearance of this beautiful retreat design is a traditional highlight of a very strong impression. The structure is designed to be dominated by wooden material. Vacation homes in this retreat have a varying size. If you just need a relaxing place to unwind, then you can rent a small house near the pond. There you will find peace of mind and body. Kola-free area in front of the house lay in Itaipava. But if you plan to spend quite a long time of this beautiful retreat design, then you are better off renting a house with a size larger, sophisticated furnished, entertainment area, indoor pool, and a nice fireplace area. Is there any other accommodation that you need? I think this beautiful retreat design may be the answer for a relaxing holiday destination choice.

Dreamy Beautiful Retreat Design

The beautiful retreat design is surrounded by a pool and a fresh green environment. Architect of the project is to design a beautiful retreat offers two own water feature. What do you think about these features? Architects chose to create a pool that looks out into the blend with the house so it will look unique floating terrace. In addition, you will be pampered with an indoor pool complete with a mattress that is able to relax and a fireplace warms the entire indoor pool area. Both pools can increase the shades of fresh reassuring. The fireplace in the pool area is designed with a high shape and made of stone material that has been processed in such a way. The bed was in front of your fireplace is very advantageous because after the swim there will be no sense of cold that pierced your skin, only a sense of warmth and comfort. In addition to stone and wood, this beautiful retreat design also uses glass as doors, windows, and some walls. A remarkable design to show the impression of beautiful retreat design in Itaipava, Brazil.

Beautiful Retreat Design Ideas

Beautiful retreat design has traditional interiors decoration. Furniture that is selected as the support of an exterior design that looks natural. Just look at the design of the dining room! Old wood is used as chairs and tables. The traditional-style dining room is located close to the kitchen is designed with an ancient appearance, but also comes with fairly sophisticated cooking equipment. It is intended that your needs are met with a good life here. Here are provided some of the luxury rooms are in sharp contrast with the traditional architectural style.

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