Best Innovative Lighting Ideas

Rewashlamp with steelroses design

Here are very unique lamp designs and unusual. You may not have thought to have a lamp made out of washing machines. You do not think the first one, washing machine in question is a washing machine that has been reshaped and have a new function that is so unique looking lamp. You can put these lights in the living room, bedroom, lounge, library, and other places like that exist. This lamp is designed by using a three legged stand. Rewashlamp design resembles a photographer’s tripod. Rewashlamp enough demand in the market because it can create a unique impression on the room. Rewashlamp designed by a designer named To Martins. The material used is a material with a soft texture and have the best quality of washing machines. Rewashlamp design has a variety of colors and models are quite a lot.

Rewashlamp with royality design

Rewashlamp above has a name royality design. Materials used are washing machines are covered by fine hairs. At the top, while the red colored fur on the bottom of the fur is gray. The combination of these colors can give the impression of elegance to the overall lighting design. You can put these lights in the corner of the living room.

Rewashlamp with steelroses design

Steelroses design much in demand by female customers. Lights looked very elegant and beautiful. Basic color of this lamp is black and then covered with a rose-shaped ornament small in considerable amounts. Silver-colored roses emit a romantic impression.

Rewashlamp with corkupine design

Corkupine is a design lamp made out of washing machines with accessories in the form of pieces of wood stuck in the holes that exist on the machine design. This wood is brown and has a tube-shaped piece. Rewashlamp has a special attraction because it managed tocombine modern impression on washing machines with a deceptively simple piece of light. You can observe well the designs are then describe yourself. I hope Rewashlamp design can provide something new to the lighting design for your home seem more unique and special.

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