“Blue Jay Way” Awesome House Design with Spectacular Indoor and Outdoor Design

Everyone will want a good house with indoor and outdoor design outstanding. It is inspired by McClean Design and Corr Contemporary Homes to create a home design that has many advantages. Amazing house design ideas with the 6.800-square-foot and located on a lot above the Sunset Strip make this house has a beautiful panorama around the house. The location of this house is quite strategic, not far from downtown and West Los Angeles, to Santa Monica, and Catalina Island. Truly a home that coveted.

The architect of this house thought that maximizes access to views of living space inside and outside the home is very important. A house with a stunning indoor design complete with luxurious furnishings and the clever arrangement makes Blue Jay Way became one of the best homes in Los Angeles. When we look at the outdoor design, our eyes will be pampered with superb views of the swimming pool and poolside are designed with comfort and luxury in each section. Designed a long swimming pool complete with a poolside area that can provide comfort when you were there. At night, we can see the sky is very beautiful with a romantic atmosphere around the poolside area. It is very interesting from the design of this house is that the house is divided in two by water features and ponds. A brilliant idea to separate bedrooms and a study with the public space (living room, dining room, kitchen). A coffee area in the mid part of the house that separates the private space and public space. Coffee has a focus area is very beautiful scenery, swimming pool, and views of downtown that is not limited. Overall indoor design has a modern style with a display of luxury interior design. For more details, please see the detail design of “Blue Jay Way” in the figure below:

Open Bedroom Design at “Blue Jay Way” Awesome House Design with Spectacular Indoor and Outdoor Design

We begin with an open bedroom design. Yeah. This bedroom was open because it uses glass as the glass walls. Moreover, in this bedroom there is a fairly large tree as one of the supporters of the interior bedroom design seemed so natural. Glass windows can bed ragged and allows you to see the scenery that exists outside without any barrier. A bedroom design that can realize your desire to get fresh air in romantic shades of cyan day or at night. The bedroom is equipped with a terrace that has a limiting form of a short glass wall. You can stand there and see the amazing views from the swimming pool and poolside. On the side, accompanied by an open bedroom lounge room which has a strategic point of view to design the whole house because it is close to the dividing feature between the private and public spaces. At night, the lounge can be transformed into an open space that is very romantic. We can see the spectacular view of downtown that is filled with sparkling lights and in addition, we also have a giant lamp design with a high wattle.

The living room is designed in a modern style with luxury furnishings that show the impression of luxury and elegance. A white sofa appears compatible with the nuances that exist in this room. The living room is equipped with a fireplace, so when winter comes, you can provide the best service for your guests. As per the concept of Blue Jay Way house, the living room does not use a brick wall but a wall of glass cups. It is intended that your guests feel happy when I saw sights downtown and outdoor of your house. In addition, the living room is also designed with the concept of prioritizing freshness to the room by putting a corner living room tree.

Swimming pool and poolside special designed to provide open space that looks perfect. You can hold a BBQ party or just for hanging out with friends. The sized swimming pool is long enough but the size is not too wide. There are unique to the design of this pool. The pond is designed with two levels, the water from the pool above will flow down to the swimming pool next to then form such an amazing vortex. The process flow of the water looks like a mini waterfall.

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