Cheerful Interior Kids Bedroom Design with Unique Loft Ideas

Have you ever thought of designing your kid’s bedroom loft with a cool and unique style? Here are kid’s bedrooms with loft designs that can give the impression cheery bedroom. Loft bedroom has been designed by a famous Italian architect, Sangiorgio Mobili. Generally makes a kids bedroom is designed with a size that is not great, not like an adult bedroom. Did you know that in fact, they need enough room to feel comfortable while in the bedroom? You can overcome this by designing a kids bedroom is equipped with a loft. You can create innovations in designing the loft so that your child’s admiration for her bedroom design. The loft is an application of the mattress level. If you have two children, then this design is perfect for the bedroom of your children. But if you only have one child, the other mattress can be used as a place to put a doll or a place to play with friends. The loft is the optimization of the increased benefits of the room as a place to play, a place to learn, and a place to share with each other. I hope you have lots of brilliant ideas to create a design that features a kid’s bedroom with a loft that is cool. You will provide unparalleled happiness for your kid. Now look cheerful kids bedroom interior design ideas with loft on the image below:

Cheerful Interior Kids Bedroom Design with Unique Loft Ideas by Sangargio Mobili (1)

Kids’ bedroom is designed with a black and orange theme. Loft used as a mattress and a desk. In the loft, there is one other mattress that can be used for your other children. There is a terrace next to the bed of ceramic that can be used to put the goods or just simply put a small tree. Cabinets, tables, mattresses incorporated into one. The table is above the cabinets. On the side, fitted cupboards with little boxes to put a cute decoration. Mengutakan attic stairs designed with safety for children. So you do not have to worry about your kid’s safety. The mattress that is above is located very close to the ceiling, therefore the most suitable lighting design is a floor lamp or lighting that is not from the lamp on the ceiling.

Cheerful Interior Kids Bedroom Design with Unique Loft Ideas by Sangargio Mobili (2)

Kids bedroom design is simpler than the first design. Here loft only serves to bed and desk. Two mattresses incorporated into one with an intermediary table. Top bunk mattress foot resting on a table that serves as a desk. The Green and orange color combinations are perfect for displaying a cheerful child’s bedroom designs. Objects that are placed in the box above are objects that serve for decoration only. This is to keep the kid’s safety. Do not let them take these objects by relying on their own abilities because it is very dangerous.

Cheerful Interior Kids Bedroom Design with Unique Loft Ideas by Sangargio Mobili (3)

This kid’s bedroom design has only one mattress. The loft is only used as a desk. The combination of black and green color is perfect for bedroom designs boy. Below are some other designs to choose from. A design that has unique characteristics. Utilization is a solution to overcome the loft bedroom design of small children. Discuss with your child about colors and loft construction. Give the best for your kid’s bedroom so that they are comfortable being in his room.

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