Decorate your home with wallpaper, Creative ideas and tips

Many people resort to using wallpaper to decorate the interior of homes as it is a suitable way to decorate it without increasing the material costs, as wallpaper prices are inexpensive compared to painting walls and composite stones, and it is characterized by the presence of many different modern wallpaper shapes, some of which appear outside as if it is real, and some of them fit With bedrooms or the house in general, the hall wallpaper differs from the bedroom wallpaper or the corridor wallpaper, etc.

If you want to find the best wallpaper decorations, follow this article to get unique ideas that distinguish your home wall and make your room distinctive, modern and different.

Distinctive wallpaper decorations


Whether you want to add distinctive colors or patterns to your home, you can get that with the least costs and hassles by using wonderful and different shapes of wallpaper, so let’s review together different forms, including:

3D wallpaper


There are many tips that we can offer you to find the best wallpaper for your home, including all of the following:


You should choose wallpaper colors that match the furniture.

Three-dimensional paper with a lot of shapes and decorations will give you a sense of tightness, so you can use it when choosing simple-shaped furniture and its cool, neutral and calm colors.

3D paper with longitudinal drawings will give you the feeling that the wall is tall, and paper with transverse drawings will increase the space of the place.

It is preferable to use wallpaper that has deep graphics that give you a feeling as if the room is heading inside, either by gradation of colors or by gradation of drawings in the interior to form a visual illusion as if the room did not end at the wall.


You have to be creative and think elegantly and smartly when choosing colors, furnishings and accessories.

Wallpaper for children


It is always preferred to use wallpaper for children’s rooms in the form of colorful and beautiful drawings such as animals, butterflies, roses and Disney princesses on the wall because these types of drawings attract young children tremendously and make them feel happy to have their favorite characters on the wall of their room.

Wallpaper for kitchens


You can use a back wall for the kitchen where there are modern designs that you can place behind the sink and oven, but the basic rule is not to put paper in places that are exposed to the sun a lot, and then you can determine your choice of kitchen wallpaper, as sticking to one wall allows you to choose it to be colored or stylized Moein and very elegant colors.

Steel wallpaper


You can find distinctive steel wallpaper in various decoration companies that specialize in such matters, and the appropriate way to use the shiny steel material is to place it in the form of thin strips or others on the wall by placing adhesive on the wall and then sticking the separated parts on it in certain shapes and patterns.

Brick wallpaper


You can install wallpaper printed with shapes such as bricks instead of using real bricks to cover the wall of your home, and the advantage in that is that there are more colors and more large options that save you the price of bricks, and enable you to get very modern designs that are very wonderful.

Stone wallpaper


The great thing about stone-like wallpaper is that they are cheap first, and you can decorate the wall by using lights at the top and bottom of the wall.

Foam wallpaper


Foam material is a soft material that is used in any interior space, you can get any wonderful engineering design after dividing and cutting it, and using foam paper to obtain various geometric decorations, whether on the walls or the ceiling.

Givenchy wallpaper


Perhaps you have seen the Givenchy brand in various places before, and it is known in the shape of its letter G, but without the curves, and the use of wallpaper filled with the letter of this brand spread on it from the top of the wall to the bottom in elegant halls and other places, and the letters are usually glossy on beige wallpaper underneath.

How to install wallpaper on the wall

You can learn how to install wallpaper by the following steps:

You can start by preparing the wall, removing all the plugs for protection, and then using water when sticking the paper.

Remove old wallpaper, if any.

Clean the wall well from mold.

Smooth the wall and fill any cracks in it with special putty.

Put wallpaper on the wall and trim off any excess.

Start pasting your paper from ceiling to floor.

Sticking wallpaper until the entire wall is covered.

Glue the place where the leaves meet, and then clean the excess glue from the wall.

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