Design a stylish and modern makeup room in your home

Without the slightest doubt, the make-up room or the make-up table must be a very important part in girls’ bedrooms, as it is one of the basics that cannot be abandoned, in some homes may allocate a corner in the bedroom in which a make-up table is designed, and in other homes women want to allocate Small, independent make-up rooms with a suitable space to arrange all the tools in an appropriate way. In this article, we will provide you with a variety of ideas for designing a separate make-up room or designing a corner dedicated to make-up in the room.

Decorations and designs of a makeup room

Designing make-up rooms at home is not difficult, but what may stand in the way is the space if you have it or not, but the lack of enough space will not stand in front of you, so you can design a special corner in the corner of the room, or allocate a space in the dressing room for that, Here are a set of basics and ideas to consider when decorating a makeup room.

Illuminating makeup mirrors

Mirrors are one of the basic things that should be taken care of, so the mirrors must be equipped with good lighting so that the vision is clear, and among the common and used forms for this matter are the luminous makeup mirrors in which the lamps are distributed around the perimeter of the mirrors, and the mirrors must be placed in a place and a height suitable for you when Sit in the chair.

Make-up table and seat

The size and quality of the make-up table are chosen according to the space, if you have a large space, you can choose a table with multiple drawers that allow you to store all materials and tools in an organized manner, but in the event that there is not enough space, you can replace the table with a shelf that is placed directly under the mirror, and in this Condition The different storage units are used to store the tools due to the lack of sufficient drawers for that.

When choosing a make-up table in a makeup room, make sure that it is of an appropriate height, and that it contains the spaces designated for storing makeup tools to avoid creating a mess on them.

As for choosing the seat, it is preferable to choose it in harmony with the make-up table, where the height of the chair is proportional to the table and the position of the mirror, so as not to resort to another place because of the lack of comfort or clear vision of the mirror due to the different sizes and lengths, so it is usually recommended to use the table And the chair is one of the types that allows you to control the height that you see suitable for you, and the possibility of changing it when needed.

And to add a beautiful touch to the makeup chair, it can be decorated with soft pink cushions and different shapes to match the room decor.

Decorate the room and create a corner for photography

Being a room dedicated to girls, there must be a distinct female imprint in it, in addition to the presence of all tools and preparations inside it, you can print and install paintings and posters on the walls with drawings related to cosmetics or the latest fashion.


You can also customize the shooting angle, so that this angle has good lighting and is suitable for taking pictures, in addition to the possibility of decorating this corner in a beautiful and distinctive way, such as adding roses in it or some paintings that include your favorite and beautiful phrases.

Alternatives and storage units that can be used in a makeup room

Interior designers did not leave a problem without a suitable solution for it, as many alternatives were designed that can be used and used and that meet the purpose wonderfully, here are a set of practical ideas that you can use in a makeup room

Installing and coordinating several shelves on both sides of the mirror, so that all materials are neatly arranged.

The use of storage baskets and home accessories such as straw baskets, which add a beautiful touch to the room’s decor.

Metal boxes or colored plastic boxes.

Designing or using cell drawers separately, as it guarantees you the optimal use of space while maintaining the organization and arrangement.

In the event that there is no place to put the makeup rack and mirror in the room, and you have a large wardrobe in the bedroom, where you can allocate a part of the wardrobe with a suitable height, install a mirror inside it and put all the tools inside the wardrobe.

Another practical idea that you can use is that if there are unused columns or spaces in the bedrooms, you can take advantage of them by placing the illuminated mirror on the column and installing a shelf commensurate with the size of the place to store your tools and decorate the room, and to make it an elegant makeup corner at the same time.

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