make your room look elegant

Simple tricks to make your room look elegant

After a lot of time has passed on your home, you must be tired of the recurring appearance in the room decorations that belong to your home, and you may start thinking about solutions to make radical changes until these solutions are in most cases expensive and require a lot of effort and time. In fact, the matter is Simpler than you can imagine, a few decorating tricks will give you a feeling of renewal.


It is inevitable that the time for change has come, so get ready for this decorative journey that will take your home to a new depth in design, here are a group of ideas that spark your imagination to apply them in line with the decorations of the rooms that you own.

Room furniture


It is imperative to take into account the consistency of the room’s furniture with its surroundings, and this includes the colors, size and harmony of the space, for example you cannot choose colors that contrast negatively with the room, just as you cannot choose large-sized furniture that occupies most of the space and creates a feeling of crowding as it will spoil the general decor of the room and reduce The effectiveness of its contents.


To avoid this, choose logical furniture that matches the space of the room with a suitable choice of its attachments such as side tables proportional to the size as well, which highlights the beauty of the decoration in an appropriate way instead of hiding it with a large sofa that hides both wall and floor decorations, for example.


If you have already fallen into this problem, do not worry, as you can replace the furniture sites in the appropriate manner that achieves the most benefit or get rid of that extra piece in room decorations that increase the crowding of the contents of the room, for example you can take one of the unwanted individual seats and renew its fabrics In colors that match your bedroom, for example.

Room arrangement and colors


The organized and arranged room is attractive to the eye and gives a sense of simplicity of composition and distinction, and this step involves allocating the appropriate place to the contents of the room in an organized and innovative way, for example, avoiding attaching furniture to the wall, in order to logically close the spaces in the session without affecting the personal space of the room users, and it also has another benefit that you avoid exposure to mold problems And humidity.


Buy only the furniture that you need and arrange according to use, place the cabinets and shelves that you need to access frequently at the farthest point from the sitting furniture inside the room, in order to avoid inconveniencing users for them while you arrive at them, and try to choose the cabinets of a size commensurate with the dimensions of the room best Storage capacity increases the efficiency of use in room decorations.


The process of choosing colors must be mentally exhausting, so seek the help of a decoration coordinator to help you with this task, and in the event that you are not able to or you want to do the task yourself, the easiest way is to choose between the close shades of colors on the color wheel where you notice their consistency naturally and beautifully. Making your task easier.

Room decorations and home lighting


Lighting works in a very effective role to highlight the colors and decorations that you previously chose, and to benefit from this trick in a better way, it is necessary to use multiple lighting sources that are gradient in their intensity, for example you can add side or secondary lighting sources such as lamps used on tables in distinctive shapes.


You can also use separate lighting that you can control using buttons to control the intensity of the room’s lighting, as each of them works to highlight the decorations in distinctive shapes and different details, and will also help you in rationalizing the electricity consumption in your home in a better way than the usual lighting methods.

A small room ?


If you suffer from narrow room spaces in your home, solutions are still present in the room decorations do not know the limits, as you can apply some creative tricks that give a sense of increasing the space, and the most famous of them is the use of decorations in mirrors where their reflections give a feeling of doubling the space in the room and increasing its size, so be careful On the use of large mirrors in the appropriate places with decor.


The windows should also be taken into account, as the large window allows more natural light to pass into the room, which gives a feeling of increasing the space, and it is preferable if one of the light colors is used in the room’s paint, such as sky blue, for example, as it gives a feeling of happiness and fits perfectly with the natural lighting of the sun .

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