Where do you place the paintings and murals at home?

Where do you place the paintings and murals at home?

Who among us does not like having elegant wall art and expressive pictures in his home? As these murals reflect the personal taste of people in art and show a unique character in decor that you may not find in most homes, as you find that the set of ideas for hanging murals in the home is a series of innovative and creative ideas that know no boundaries.


In this article, you will find the best styles and places to hang upscale wall paintings in your home and take advantage of these tricks in the best way to integrate with your home decor and make it very distinctive and beautiful.

Decorations of wall paintings


Wall paintings vary in their shapes, sizes, and the artistic purpose they show. Here is a collection of home décor styles for your mural:

Wall painting


It is one of the types of wall paintings that can be found easily and is characterized by its relatively low price compared to other types, and it may be a common art form that many desire and matches with their artistic tendencies and tastes, and the styles in it are many and multiple. There are also different sizes starting from the traditional frame size and ending in the form of a wall panel that may cover most of the wall.



Wall paintings are considered more expensive, as they are often designed by one of the famous painters and artists, and have a high market value as their presence gives a kind of luxury in home decor, and are unique because of the small number of copies of them, or similar wall paintings.

Classic frescoes


One of the most luxurious types of murals that suit the luxurious classic décor, as it is usually in a golden frame, and reflects a less modern character than its peers in a luxurious way that matches the classics of the room and its contents.

Islamic wall paintings


Of the paintings that are characterized by their Arabic character and ornate inscriptions that reflect originality and are considered to be of medium cost. It usually matches well with different home decorations due to its unique character among other collections of wall paintings.

Divided wall panels


A multi-piece mural, where the group of divided paintings is displayed on the wall, complementing each other and showing the general idea for which it was designed, making it one of the effects of the paintings distinguished by its unique and strange design.

Coordinate wall panels in creative ways


The way the paintings are arranged on the wall depends on several parameters, for example the size of the painting, the size of the external frame, the number of panels and their consistency with the room in which they are to be hung. Here are a selection of patterns that will help you choose the right decor:

Linear arrangement


This type of arrangement is suitable for smaller paintings that are compatible in size and dimensions, as they can be arranged in a parallel line that reflects the harmony and regularity of the room.

Square table


This method is characterized by the larger number of paintings, as a group of wall panels bearing the same pattern can be arranged in the form of a square table, provided that the dimensions are equal on the wall, so that one of the panels does not appear outside the default square, which spoils the chosen decoration style. This method is similar to the previous one in consistency and arrangement, as the panels are hung together in columns and rows to create the desired pattern.



This method is distinguished from others by its randomness with organized patterns! Where a group of different dimensions of paintings are combined on one wall in a way that avoids the waste of space and spaces that may cause the destruction of the pattern, and this method is characterized by the possibility of adding different artistic styles of paintings as the lack of organization in this method creates the unique pattern. People can also use this method to better reflect their artistic tendencies.

Support on wall and shelves


This method is suitable for larger paintings, where medium to large wall panels are used and support them in the corner of the room or the top of the shelf above the living room, for example, as it enables you to combine your masterpieces and antiques with suitable wall paintings to create a unique artistic style. It is also suitable for people who make changes frequently.

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