Wood floors in your home to add warmth and elegance

Each of us wants his home to appear in the most beautiful way, and for all aspects of decoration and interior design, whether large or small, look elegant and very elegant, as the floors of the house are one of the important elements and basics that work to make a qualitative leap in the general decor of the house, so the first interior designers Great interest in home flooring, and they also provided several types of flooring in front of you to choose what you prefer from among them. We have previously talked about ceramic floors and how you can choose them, and in this article we will highlight wooden floors for the home, what are their types? And what are the most important advantages and disadvantages of installing wood floors.

Wood floors in the house and decoration


The idea of ​​wood flooring appeals to many people, as the many types and colors of wood are in line with various decor styles, from classic to modern, if you want to install wood floors, we recommend that you review the following information and tips:

Recommendations and advice from interior decoration experts before installing wood floors


Here are a set of tips from interior decorators about wooden floors in the home, and the fact that wood floors are a little expensive, and it is not easy to replace them. We recommend that you be careful and review the following:


You must choose the type and color of wood, which matches the furniture available in the place, such as cabinets, cupboards and doors, in addition to window frames, in order to avoid an optical collision between the different types of wood. However, this does not mean that all of them are of the same color and type, what is required is to achieve harmony and harmony between them.

Taking into account that wood is a material that expands by heat and contracts with cold, so when taking measurements, they must be in line with various changes.

When installing a wood floor in a damp place, such as a kitchen, bathroom, or near the swimming pool, you must look for a special type of wood that is resistant to water and moisture, with an emphasis on the need to polish it with a large amount of varnish or oil.

To add an elegant and distinctive touch, you can cover wood floors with colored and patterned carpets.

In order to preserve the freshness of wood floors from the influence of various factors, the wood needs special care, waxing, oiling and polishing continuously, and the materials for wooden floors must be adhered to.

Before judging the type of wood floor and its colors, do not decide to buy a type by looking at one piece only, but rather ask to see a wooden floor with a good area so that you can judge the color correctly.


Take care of wood floors


As mentioned earlier, wooden floors in the home need special care and certain materials in cleaning and polishing them, here are a set of tips on how to care for wooden floors to last for long periods of time with high quality:


Vacuum and clean the floors with the appropriate, dull piece, so that the floor does not get scratched.

Installing protection pieces on the legs of chairs and tables.

Adherence to the instructions written on the wood polishes, so avoid using them in an exaggerated manner, so as not to damage the upper layer of wood and lose its luster.

Maintaining its dryness away from moisture by wiping the floors immediately in the event that water is spilled on them, and care must be taken to avoid pouring water directly and in large quantities.

Vinegar is one of the substances that can be used on a weekly basis to clean and disinfect floors.

Clean the floor of the room thoroughly before installing the wood, and check for any possible outlets for insects.

Seeking assistance from specialized companies to perform periodic maintenance of wooden floors.


Types of wood flooring


The type of wood flooring is not limited to color only, but there is a difference in the quality of wood and the method of manufacture, here are the types of wood flooring that you can use at home:

Kinds of natural wood flooring


It is solid wood flooring or natural wood, which is the most popular type of floor covering, here is the list of types of wood flooring:


Oak is the most common and widely used wood, available in a variety of colors and used frequently for its high scratch resistance.

Walnut wood, available in both light brown and dark brown colors, is an expensive species and is distinguished by durability and soft touch.

Mahogany wood, which is considered one of the types of good waterproofing, therefore, mahogany wood is used in making boats, along with wooden floors.

Ash wood is less costly compared to its high quality, and ash wood usually comes in light colors.


Semi-natural wood or parquet floors

Wood parquet


Semi-natural wood is called wood parquet, and it is one of the types of natural wood, but it does not consist of complete wood panels as is the case in natural wood floors, but rather consists of 3 layers for different types of wood, and wood parquet is installed in two different ways, namely:


Chevron: The wood planks are mounted in a manner similar to a fishbone.

Zigzag (herringbone): In this method, wooden panels are stacked next to each other, taking into account that they are at an angle of 90, which is the most common method.


Features of wood floors in the house


Wood and parquet floors add a number of features to the place and the room they are added to, and these features include:


Add a special touch of beauty and elegance to home decor, as well as give the house a feeling of warmth.

Ease and speed of cleaning.

Possibility and ease of transporting it if the sizes are identical.

Laminate flooring is a safe and non-flammable floor type.

When maintaining the way you clean it, it lasts for a very long time without a feeling of aging.

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