Introduction Architecture Design

before we dive right into a mine I’m an architect I would like to start by addressing a couple of very common misconceptions about designers architects and creativity in general and the reason I want to do that is because these misconceptions are what usually keeps people from even trying to get into architecture and design so by breaking those myths about creativity you will feel confident that you already have everything that you need to get into design so without any further ado let’s start with the myth number one myth number one or the myth of talent which goes something like I’m not a creative person or I’m not just born creative and to explain you why this is so wrong let’s just take a look at he world of sports for example when we take a look when we watch Berkeley or world-class athletes and Olympics we can intuitively understand all the years and decades of hard work and training that went into this peak performance and because it’s just common sense right we if you exercise hard we get stronger we get faster but on the other hand when we watch a creative person at work just bursting wet ideas it seems to us as if it’s worse with almost like a magic or and then we say well this person is so lucky to be born so creative but here’s a big news for you people are not born creative people become creative and the same way we can try train our bodies to get stronger and faster we can create train our brains to be more creative and we’re gonna do a lot of this in this course so stay tuned in the meantime you can safely say to yourself I am creative and then you will see that you are right the myth number two is the myth of skills that goes something like I wish I started architecture but I didn’t know how to draw and actually this is something that many people told me and I usually tell them that’s not really important drawing or even using software these are all just tools but being designer being architects is about the state of mind not the tools you use and the tools you just get to l,earn all along the way so don’t worry about the skills right now and so now if you ask me well then I don’t need skills I don’t need talent what do I need to become a designer and I would say that first art that you just need to have a curiosity curiosity about the world and the way world days and the way the world could be if you have that curiosity I’m sure you will make an excellent designer.

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