Sacred Architecture, Eco and Passive Houses by Arion Ocean

Architectural practice overview


Sacred Space Architecture is dedicated to the evolution of innovative contemporary building designs that embrace the principles of sustainability and alternative, ecologically-positive technologies. In professional practice, these fundamental design elements are consciously and thoughtfully woven into the conception of spiritually uplifting living spaces.


In a design/build focussed practice spanning 25 years, the firm has had a core commitment to the integration of creative design and technical innovation, in the creation of buildings that are visionary, and yet functional, with the overall aim of exceeding the client’s expectations.  This approach to the design process has consistently proved to produce a final result that is both a statement of beauty, and a carefully considered response to the client’s needs,  the environment in a broad sense, and the specific site context.  And finally, this synthesis of aesthetics, environmental responsibility, and functionality is unified by an ongoing exploration of the capacity of architecture to be celebratory and inspiring.


Central to this overall vision of Sacred Space Architecture is a belief in the capacity for architecture to create healing environments. Through the synthesis of whole spectrum sound, sacred geometry, water, earth forms, and plant-scaping, a new living architecture is possible that is a real catalyst for Healing and Peace.


The Earth Sound Temple is the epitome of such a place.


In Arion Ocean’s most recent series of conceptual designs, he has developed a collection of futuristic expressions that encompass cutting-edge technology, eco-sustainability, and nature-inspired forms in a visionary exploration of the exciting places architecture could go in the not-too-distant future.  These daring and innovative designs also form the core of a new book on futuristic architecture.


Finally, the art work of Arion Ocean exhibited on this web-site is very much aligned with his design philosophy in architecture.  Recognition of the potential fusion between Art and Architecture has inspired him to undertake a study of light, color, spatial definitions, and spiritual themes through the medium of painting.


What You Will Find…


From the links in the left menu, you can choose from three image galleries offering comprehensive samples of the unique vision embodied in the work of Arion Ocean.


“Built and Unbuilt Projects” links to two collections of images showing contemporary architectural designs for a wide range of practical, purpose-built spaces created from an underlying principle of eco-friendly, sustainable living, utilizing passive energy systems and a ‘natural form’-inspired aesthetic.


“Futuristic Designs” links to a collection of Arion’s radical visions of a transcendent new world architecture, which, while still grounded in natural forms, expresses an exciting and futuristic dynamic of possibility.


“Original Art” links to a gallery of Arion’s painted works which are powerful representations of his individual visual style, exploring uplifting new age expressionism and imbued with a warm and optimistic spiritual energy.


“Earth Sound Temple” links to an exposition of Arion’s exquisite personal project, a vision of a contemporary sacred site, whose sole purpose is to stimulate the innate memory of harmony and wholeness, the original blueprint of the soul, the recognition of unity consciousness as the spiral core of all of existence. The Earth Sound Temple is a place of meditation, dynamic stillness, experienced through being bathed in the full spectrum sound of the Harmony Windharps™. It acts like a living mandala, a place to celebrate music, song, dance, the stars and each other, and a new age of unity consciousness.

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